Shooting for the Stars

Our tutors talk about what it takes to reach for the stars and achieve your ambitions.

Success in the arts hinges on number of factors, some of these are within your control and some are simply impossible to predict. All our tutors have achieved some sort of success in their fields, whether that be publishing a piece work, or touring with a professional show. Although they might not have reached the stratospheres of their respective industries, their experience has given them useful insights into how to achieve in the Arts.

We’ve collected some of their top tips for how to realise your ambitions, which should be applicable to any artist:

“Only you can decide what ‘success’ means to you.”

When I first set out as a young performer I was dead set on achieving international success. I was convinced that I was going to be the next ‘big thing’ and that I totally had what it takes to become an idol. To say that I set my sights high would certainly be an understatement. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with setting your standards¬†high, but it’s important to temper your expectations. It can be a hard thing to acknowledge that you might not reach the pinnacle in your career that want to, but by setting small-term realistic goals you can at least keep yourself motivate on a day-to-day basis.

Thomas Sincere

“Dedication is the common denominator amongst the best artists.

No artist succeeds on natural talent alone. As much as some artists may well have a head-start in terms of their God-given talents, no one can survive or achieve without putting in a serious amount of work. At the core of any brilliant artist is a drive to succeed, better know as ‘determination’. In order to progress as an artist in any field you must be utterly committed to your own progression, only you can be responsible for this and only you can be accountable for this. By staying steadfast in your ambitions and committed to your credo, you will put yourself in the best chance to become the artist you dream of being.

Elizabeth Tyneside

“There’s a time to listen and there’s a time to not listen,”

How much you choose to listen to the outside world and how much you choose to block out will inevitably impact your work. You should be conscious of how much you open yourself to outside influences, as every time you do, you’ll be potentially warping your own artistic vision. Conversely, by closing yourself off mentally from the outside world you’ll be able to preserve your vision in its purest form, but beware! By blocking out outside influences and criticism you run the risk of living on an island, rendering your work potentially isolating and redundant. My advice is to remain aware of how much you take from outside influences, always remain conscious!

Terrence Wholefield