Getting Vocal: Tips for Aspiring Singers

Singing is a practical artistic skill that takes years to fully master. How you perceive your voice, shape your tone and voice your songs will be dependant on your taste in music, as well as your own standards. Our vocal coaches have collected a few tips together to help aspiring singers broaden their horizons and consider their work in a more holistic fashion.

Remember, if you’re a singer that means you’re an artist and you should be able to appreciate the whole spectrum of art, not just a small slice that appeals to your tastes. The first step in improving your singing is accepting that there are many different types of music and the sound your voice makes doesn’t have to sound like anything else you’ve heard before. Be your own role model!

Get a pair of Hearfones

If you’ve ever wondered what your voice really sounds like, but don’t have the money to afford a good recording setup then a pair of Hearfones could be right up your street. Using a simple cupping technique, this handy gadget bounces back the sound of your voice into your own ears, allowing you to get a much clearer sound of your own voice. Although you might be initially put off by hearing such an unfiltered version of your voice, this will eventually allow you to make some real changes to your voice.

Practice your scales

Practice really does make perfect and it’s only by regularly practising scales that you can increase your vocal range and make yourself a more dynamic singer. You might think that your range is limited, or that there’s no way of extending it any further than it already is, but you’d be wrong in thinking that! Like any other muscle in your body, you just need to train yourself properly in order to make your singing voice stronger.

Get as much performance practice as possible

Performing in front of an audience is a completely different experience to practising in front of your mirror at home. When you’re faced with real people, with music blasting in your ears and lights in your face you’re under a lot more pressure to perform, which is hardly the case when you’re back home! This is why it’s a good idea to take as many opportunities as possible to perform in front of all kinds of people. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is a key part of growing as a performer and something you should always try to do.

Expand your taste in music

Your taste in music should be as wide as possible in order for you to be able to give yourself as much opportunity to grow as an artist. Only listening to one genre, or a particular style of music will only serve to limit your growth and make your performance innately influenced by others. Unless you’re planning on being a tribute act, you’ll want to try out as many different styles and voices as possible before forming your own. Try and open your mind to as much music as possible. If you come across some music that you don’t like, ask yourself why? What don’t you like about it?