Gaining Traction in the 21st Century

In order to gain a substantial following in today’s information age, it’s essential that you make the most of the tools that you have at your disposal. The internet is one of these tools and social media represents an arsenal of weapons that you can use to spread the word about your work, interact with your audience, present critics with your oeuvre and promote any events that you might have. Social media channels are a crucial part of the modern artist’s life, to ignore them is to ignore a very affordable opportunity for you to grow your audience and gain attention from people who could jump start your career.

By engaging in the right amount of social media marketing you can turn your fledgling career into something much more tangible.

We’ll run through our recommendations for social media channels and mention which ones are good for certain artists:


Where once MySpace was the go-to for aspiring musicians, today Soundcloud is the dedicated platform that is used by composers, bands, rappers and all other sorts of musicians. Setting up an account is completely free and super simple. There are some features that are locked off for Premium users, but you’ll find that you can get by with the Basic package for quite a while before you need to dip into your pockets! Once you’ve signed up it’s a good idea to interact with the community. Like, comment and share others works to put your name out there.

Deviant Art

The World’s largest online art community can be rather confusing at first (there’s enough manga drawings here to last you a lifetime), but if you dig deep you’re sure to find a community that speaks to you. By consistently uploading bits and pieces you’ll be able to receive some great feedback from your fellow artists, you’ll also increase the likelihood of your work being shared online. Work on Deviant Art is often shared onto major forums such as Reddit, which can then go viral, exposing you to a much wider audience.


Video content is more popular than it has ever been, millions of people watch videos on YouTube and there’s no reason why you can’t start uploading your own to this huge social network. If you’re a performance artist then you’re certain to benefit from starting a channel.

You can record video footage using most modern smart phones, but if you want to really up your value then you should invest in a good quality camera and microphone. Good production values will translate into more views, and more views means more engagement!


One of the fastest growing social networks, whilst Instagram might lag behind Facebook in terms of usage, it offers a much more streamlined experience that benefits artists who work in visual medias. Many fine artists use Instagram as a simple way of recording and sharing their progress. An Instagram channel can be used to promote your work, sell your work or simply give you fans updates on your life. If you want to be found as an artist, it’s a good idea to get one and make liberal use of it.