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*** Press Release Queen Elizabeth Humanities College, August 25th 2016 ***

Some fantastic results from many of the students at Queen Elizabeth Humanities College have seen the number of students attaining English and mathematics at C grade or higher increase to 49% from last year with the potential to increase further still pending appeals. In the new headline measure of Progress 8 our students
performed really well and we are delighted with a score of + 0.33.

A particular area of attention for us at QE was our A*-A grades. In both English and mathematics there were three times the number of students achieving that measure. 76% of our students achieved a grade C or above in English where 1 in every 3 grades was an A or A* compared to 1 in every 10 last year. This was not
restricted to English and mathematics with 1 in every 5 grades at QE in any subject being at A or A*. Amongst our highest performers were Chloe Johns with 7 A*, 5 A and 1 B grades which included A* in both Latin and Greek, Ed Porter with 7 A*, 3 A grades and 1 each at grades B and C, Lily Foster with 5*, 7 A and 1 B grades, Poppy Lane with 5 A*, 6 A and 1 B grades, Beth Parry with 4 A*, 6 A grades and 2 each at grades B and C and Jas Timmins with 4 A*, 4 A and 4 B grades.

Headteacher Martin Farmer said:
“This has been a difficult year for QE where our small cohort continues to impact greatly on our results and I am pleased that we have shown significant improvement in student achievement whilst recognising we are working towards even greater success in the future. Our students have performed well in the face of much change and I am especially pleased to see that our highest attaining students are being rewarded with the highest grades”.  “We wish all of our year 11 great success as they progress to the next phase of their education”.
Picture 1: Lily Foster and Kerry Lloyd
Picture 2: Beth Parry and Emily Taylor
Picture 3: Jasmine Timmins and Chloe Johns

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