About Our Cause

Queen Eleanor’s Heritage Cause is a charitable venture centred around the support of aspiring young artists from all backgrounds.

Our board is made up of professionals working in various corners of the Arts, who have chosen to dedicate a portion of their time to mentoring young artists from a number of different mediums. They are steadfast in the belief that young people with artistic aspirations deserve to be supported by the elders so that they can best achieve their goals and make the most of their potential.

The Board members are as follows:

Jason McAlexander – Drums & Percussion Tutor

Jason has spent his career playing and recording drums for a variety of groups. In recent years he has focused on tutoring the next generation of drummers and hopes to bring these young drummers to the fore of today’s scene.

Paula Freehand – Fine Arts & Textiles Professor

Working as a freelance artist in her spare time, Paula has always loved to nurture young talent and has set aside her own work in order to promote the work of others.

Terrence Wholefield – Literary Expert

Having written for a litany of technical publications over his 30 year career, Terrence is now retired and happily spends his days contributing to the Parish Newsletter and editing submissions from our students.

Elizabeth Tyneside – Performance Art Lecturer

In her time, Elizabeth was a celebrated dancer and toured for years with several touring companies. Today she directs small revues and watches as many shows as she can.

Thomas Sincere – Vocal Coach

With a string of minor independent hits in South America, Thomas has experience in a range of vocal styles and revels in transforming young singers into accomplished performers.